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Hi, I'm Tanya.

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  • Age: 28
  • Location: Lawrence, Kansas
  • Student
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  • Lesbian
  • Genderqueer
  • Iranian
  • Vietnamese

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    Runescape: Seemorgh

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For some reason this didn’t load to tumblr, but yesterday was my brother’s birthday. So here we are in our younger years. And yeah, I made a dress look cute even though I hated it so much and I wanted to wear what my brother was wearing. 

Caught red-handed cooking a #baby. #gpoy #brother #childhood

Tears will happen in a bit. Little brother is moving away. He won’t be just 10 minutes away anymore.

@mr3z My #brother everyone.

Commencement Day! #gpoy #brother #ku

Favorite of these 2 today. #brother #future #brotherinlaw

One of my favorite photos of today. 

Extreme close up graduation face. So hardcore!!!!

Ugh this  ”stupid problem”. 

I have a pair of TOMS that my brother gave me for Christmas and I don’t know what to wear them with. I mean yeah skinny jeans would be fine but I feel really awkward. 

This is my handsome brother.

2010 #portland #gpoy #brother #cousin

#Portland #oregon #gpoy #cousins #brother (Taken with Instagram)

Got to love it. 

Fighting with my brother on Facebook about opening a door in the heat. 

Ugh whatever. Lately it’s really the only communicating we do. Kind of sad…

I sometimes wear my brother’s clothes. 

Well the full story of him sleeping in his bathroom happened like this:

At 5:30am my mom is waking up for work when she hears retching downstairs. She goes and finds my brother head first in the toilet. She was concerned and kept asking if he was okay. He replies with “Yeah baby I’m drunk”. My mom and my dad clean him up and leave him there on the floor passed out. 

This only adds more ammo for my parents in their assumptions about him. Mom thinks he’s an alcoholic. He’s not an alcoholic. I told her he is a kindergartner compared to how much a partying college student can drink. He just made a bad choice and at least he was at home. 

I haven’t talked to him today and I don’t feel like talking to him. 

My brother is apparently sleeping in his bathroom with vomit next to him?

Its my dad’s birthday too and I guess my dad found him that way and cleaned up the mess.

Little bro’s facebook status says he was taking shots at 1am…

Ugh…happy birthday dad.